The female polyphonic group “Pleiades” was founded in May of 2006 in Thessaloniki, in order to contribute to the diffusion of the Greek-speaking folk polyphonic singing. The members of “Pleiades” have already had a considerable experience in studying and performing folk music, and have performed in Greece and abroad.

As “Pleiades” they collaborate with various contemporary artists aiming to explore the connection between oral polyphonic vocal tradition and neoteric ways of musical expression. Their collaboration with Kostas Vomvolos and Kostas Theodorou, as well as with the Art Theater Aktis Aeliou has broadened the group’s vocal horizons. In 2011, «Pleiades» wrote and interpreted the music for the play «Berlin Alexanderplatz» based on Alfred Döblin’s book, for the Art Theatre Aktis Aeliou, and in 2012 sang two songs by Paris Paraschopoulos for the play «What you desire the most», by Dimitris Dimitriadis.

Despina Kalpenidou
Natalia Lampadaki
Ioulia Routziou
Georgia Tenta
Roula Tsernou.

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