Last year’s festival marked the 30th anniversary of the first concert by the Mistry Quartet in John Gough’s garden in Paxos, with a series of superb performances by the Benyounes Quartet and their friends, and a memorable recital by the Zulu baritone, Njabulo Madlala..

The festival has been enlivened not only by notable performances but also by periodic changes in direction: now is the time for a further change.

The initial years involved a range of individual players brought together under Julian Jacobson, to be followed by a project to create a contemporary music ensemble of Greeek musicians under Jagdish Mistry and the Ensemble Modern.

In parallel, Hilary Herdman  raised funding to bring advanced students from GSMD for  separate concerts

The death of John Gough and the end of other funding took us back to a smaller scale festival directed by Lara Dodds-Eden with her eminent friends, and on to the past 2 years with the Benyounes Quartet.

Persuading UK charities to fund a Festival in Greece has become very difficult, and a new direction was required.

The Trust has decided to accept our fellow Director Faye Lychnou’s proposal to run the festival on a wider basis through her Friends of Paxos organization.

The Paxos Festival Trust has fulfilled its objectives and is now dissolved

This year’s  programme includes a broad range of concerts, music and craft workshops and exhibitions; for details please visit

The Trust has been much encouraged in its work by the appreciative support from both old and new audiences who have enjoyed music making in idyllic surroundings from  remarkable performers who have so readily added to  a special experience; thank you.